I just finished reading Nicolas Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics.  The book was a bit of a puzzle to me,  maybe because I don’t make relational work. At least not by Bourriaud's standards.   What I enjoyed the most about the book was Bourriaud’s distaste for David Hickey.  It was like some kind of trans-continental critical theory, rap beef.  To me, it seemed like Hickey and Bourriaud are on two sides of the same critical coin.  Hickey’s Agencey of Beauty and Bourriaud's relational aesthetic both ally against Greenberg’s proselytization of process.   I guess talking about Foucault, Bentham and his cocaine dealer in the same book was too much American brashness for Bourriaud’s refined continental tastes.  Maybe they could take a lesson from NAS and Jay-Z and make up, before they end up like Biggie and Tupac. 

With the Non-fiction covered let’s move on to Fiction.  I’m currently re-reading Light in August.  It’s a favorite of mine among Faulkner’s books for its clarity, and I think it will serve my purposes.  I’m hoping to mine the text for some kind of inspirational ore with which to stoke the flames of creativity.  I’ll post images of results.

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